You can now keep an eye on your loved ones’ safety with UltraSafe. It’s the new standard of caring.

What is UltraSafe?

The new Standard Insurance UltraSafe is a service that you can avail with your comprehensive motorcar insurance policy. The insurance policy comes with a telematics device which tracks and records the location of the vehicle as well its driving activities such as speeding and harsh braking.

The UltraSafe telematics device will be installed in your vehicle and it will monitor and analyze your driving activities. With the help of the UltraSafe mobile application or the web portal, you can view the location, route after a trip has been taken or other driving incidents such as speeding or harsh cornering. Based on the recorded information, a score will be given on your driving behavior which identifies if you practice safe and responsible driving.

What are the features and benefits of UltraSafe?

  • You can track the location of your car.
  • You can know if the driver is speeding.
  • You can monitor how they practice braking or taking corners.
  • You can identify the distance driven.
  • You can determine what time of day the vehicle is driven.
  • You can improve driving skills with the driving score and feedback.
  • You can easily get roadside assistance when needed.
  • You can share the information to your other authorized users such as family members.
  • You can be notified of a probable high impact incident of the vehicle.
  • You can enjoy a user-friendly plug and play design.

How does UltraSafe work?

  1. Install the device to the OBD-II port of your vehicle. You can easily install the device with its plug and play design.
  2. Drive your vehicle as you normally do.
  3. UltraSafe will begin to record driving activities.
  4. Using the UltraSafe mobile application or the Connected Car portal online, you can monitor the gathered information about the driving activities.
  5. You will get a driving score and feedback to help you improve your driving habits.

The UltraSafe Mobile Application

UltraSafe users can download for free the UltraSafe mobile application available for both iOS and Android.

Using the mobile application, you will be able to view the current location of the vehicle and other driving activities. Upon your authorization, other users, such as family members, can also view the vehicle location and other driving activities.

The UltraSafe Connected Car portal is also available online which grants you the same viewing access to the device’s recorded driving activities.

Who can benefit from UltraSafe?

  • Parents with teenagers who are first time drivers
  • Families with drivers who bring their kids to school
  • Business owners who want to keep track of their vehicles and improve the safety of their drivers

Start your road to safety now.

To avail of UltraSafe, talk to your Standard Insurance agent or call (02) 845-1111. You may also send your inquiries to ultrasafe@standard-insurance.com.