Roadside Assistance Program

Standard Insurance Roadside Assistance Program

The Roadside Assistance Program is a value-added service that provides towing and other services in case of accidents or mechanical breakdown. Membership is given to all clients with Comprehensive Motorcar Insurance Policy provided that:

  • the insured Vehicle is not used for public, merchandise transport or for hire.
  • the insured Vehicle does not exceed 3,500 kilogram in weight.
  • the insured vehicle is not more than fifteen (15) years old.

Services Offered:

I. Vehicle Assistance

  • Towing / Removal with Crane
  • On site Emergency Assistance
  • Battery Boosting / Jumpstarting
  • Tire Replacement
  • Fuel delivery (excluding cost of gasoline)
  • Locksmith Service

II. Personal Assistance

  • Stay or travel due to breakdown (48 hour vehicle repair)
  • Continuation of journey
  • Transfer to place of residence or destination, or,
  • Payment of travelling expenses to place of destination

III. Info Service (Metro Manila Only)

  • Claims procedures / documentation requirements
  • Accredited Repair Shops
  • Accredited Adjusters
  • 24/7 Traffic Information and Road Condition
  • Nearest Gasoline Station
  • Emergency Numbers (Police, Hospital, Fire Station, etc.)
  • Weather Information
  • Basic Information on nearest hotels
  • General Information (Currency, Holidays, Area Codes)
  • Dining Information (restaurants, lounges, bars)
  • Shopping Malls and Bargain Centers
  • Flight Information Online (Booking excluded)

For the full details of the program, please read the Roadside Assistance Program General Conditons.