Risk Engineering

Standard Insurance Risk Engineering offers a comprehensive and versatile risk management support services; ranging from risk assessments and loss investigations to safety training programs and risk management software.

Experience – most of our engineering/technical professionals have at least five years of experience – has taught us to listen to our customers, internal and external. We can develop practical, cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

To ensure our services and solutions meet the same high standard throughout our organization, we work to the principles of continuous improvement and of total quality management; principles that are reflected in our ISO 9001 certification.

Standard Insurance Risk Engineering offers services to both SICI insured companies and third party businesses.


Whatever the business activities and size of your company, we can assist you in achieving measurable risk improvements, particularly, but not limited to, in the following areas:

  • Fire and Explosions Risks
  • Natural Hazard Risks
  • Other Material and Property Risks
  • Construction Risks (all)
  • Boiler & Machinery Breakdown Risks
  • Business Interruption Risks
  • General Third Party Liability Risks
  • Product Safety and Liability Risks
  • Workers’ Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health Risks

What makes us different?

Our 360 degree view of risk

‘All embracing’ is the phrase that best describes our 360-degree approach. Thus, we not only assess the interrelationships between different types of risks but we look at each risk from different perspectives. For example, before making a safety or risk improvement recommendation, we will work with you to ensure the change does not adversely impact sales forecasts or production costs. We endeavour to solve problems without creating new ones.

Our experts

At Standard Insurance Risk Engineering, we understand how challenging it is to manage the risks of the company; especially of large, multi-local corporations. Standard Insurance Risk Engineering aims to support our customers in systematically identifying and assessing the types of risks that threaten the company’s viability. We pride ourselves in developing customized solutions that help our customers best manage their risks.

We hire engineering/technical professionals and all they share a common philosophy and are trained to the same high standards.

Our flexibility

Our customers want options, not mandates. Although we can deliver ready-made solutions, we recognize that our customers know their business better than we do. What we bring to the table is a proven hazard analysis methodology and team leadership. The best results are achieved when a team of our customer’s people, who have expert knowledge of the area or scope being investigated, is led through the analysis by one of our engineers. Of course, we can also train your staff to lead their own hazard analysis.


Having an independent engineering/safety professional who understands our customer’s business is an important step in identifying and reducing risks cost effectively.

We have extensive experience in both commercial and industrial sectors; and most of our staff worked in private enterprise as engineering professionals prior to joining the SICI Risk Engineering team.

SICI Risk Engineering in the Philippines is currently manned by Risk Engineers and Risk Analysts. SICI, being a cooperative of Zurich Financial Services (ZFS) allows us to network with ZFS’ Risk Engineering global network. Standard Insurance continues to be a member of the Zurich Risk Engineering (ZRE) Asia Pacific Region and sends its representatives to the ZRE trainings and workshops to continuously enhance our own Risk Engineering knowledge, skills and competencies in line with Zurich Risk Engineering standards. Additionally, the Company performs risk assessment services for Zurich Risk Services Asia Pacific.

SICI Risk Engineering acquired the license from Zurich Risk Engineering for the use of a risk assessment and risk grading system called the CRS Database. This is necessary for consistency in risk assessments and uniformity of results, thereby eliminating subjectivity. SICI Risk Engineering has also developed its own catastrophe risk management system (CRMS) where the geographic information system (GIS) or digitalized hazard mapping has been applied to the assessment of natural hazards, such as earthquake and flood risks.

We closely work with the Zurich Risk Services Asia Pacific Region which is supported by at least 40 professional engineers within the Asia Pacific Region. Allowing us to have access to a global network of professionals will ensure that we provide the service needs for our customer’s business.